Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Song

A song contains the deep feelings of the one, who wrote it,
It’s not just a simple composition,
It’s the in-depth feelings of its writer,
The sum of feelings she wanted to express,
And it’s in a song that she can show it…

It’s not as simple as writing ordinary things,
It is something that needs to be fully shown,
It retains the true contents of the heart,
Because the heart dictates what the pen will write,
A person’s heart is the main key in a song…

When you feel like writing a happy, sad or love song,
Just go with the flow,
Follow what you’re heart tells you,
There’s nothing wrong about it,
You know what you really feel inside…

A songwriter without heart in writing songs,
Can’t be truly called one,
You just don’t write just because you want to,
You need to have the burning will,
And you should have the heart to write a song…

A song become meaningless when written in a hurry,
A song contains what’s inside the soul of one, who made it,
Love what you do; love what you’re capable of,
Don’t feel the pressure of it,
Just feel what’s inside your heart...

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