Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Love That’s Going to Last

I was thinking about you all the time,
And wondering what you’re doing right now,
I feel so lonely because you’re so far away from me,
But I’m holding on to the love we made,
A love that’s going to last…

You know how much I love you,
And I can do just to be by your side,
But I’m quite helpless,
If you’re only here beside me,
Then I’ll let you feel my love…

I’m praying and hoping,
That you’re the last person I will love,
That you’re the only one I wanted,
And the only one I need in my life,
I want you to be the one I spent my life with…

Destiny can’t write what’s in for our love,
We’re going to be the ones, who will write about it,
I love you, and I know you feel the same way too,
And I don’t want to lose you,
And you’re the only one for me…

Even though we’re far away from each other,
I know our love was so strong,
And I want that we make it till the end,
We are two souls together,
For a love that’s going to last…

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