Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love Is So Difficult

We learn to fall in love,
To care, to give unselfishly,
We experience heartache,
We had sleepless nights,
And we cry uncontrollably…

Our hearts get broken,
That even tissue can’t fix it,
We hate, we get mad,
We get healed, we mingle,
Then eventually we fall in love again…

Love is like a cycle,
Ironic as it seems,
But that’s reality for you,
Love is so mysterious,
And love is so difficult to understand...

We love blindly sometimes,
We tend to overlook the imperfections,
Then when we get hurt,
We sometimes blame the person,
But let’s face it, it’s our fault…

We regret in loving someone we thought was the one,
But we really didn’t understand,
That loving someone comes with a price,
A price of getting heartaches,
That’s why love is so difficult...

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